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Lebanese Style Breakfast

Halloum & Labneh

Everything is made fresh and authentic

Baked fresh dough, topped with olive oil, thyme, and sesame mix

Baked fresh dough, topped with our mix of Mediterranean cheese, Armenian sausage & garlic

Greek cheese in a panini bread, topped with cucumber, tomato, and olive oil, served on a bed of mixed green, and our house dressing

Baked fresh dough, topped with our mix of Mediterranean cheese and garlic

Baked fresh dough, topped with mozzarella cheese, ham, mix green, a drizzle go vinegar, and olive oil

Stewed fava beans seasoned with spices, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and diced tomato, served with fresh mint, reddish, green and white onion

Baked fresh dough, topped with our mix of Mediterranean cheese

Sour kefir cheese spread on a panini bread topped with tomato, cucumber, fresh mint, olive, and olive oil on a bed of mixed green and our house dressing

Appetizers & Mezza

Everything is made fresh and authentic


Makanek & Sojouk

Lebanese Mezza

Garbanzo bean dip with tahini & lemon juice (Add Beef 2.99)

Roasted eggplant dip with tahini & lemon juice

Kefir Cheese with garlic sauce & dry mint

Sautéed potato cubes topped with cilantro, garlic & herbs

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, & parsley

Baked or fried dough stuffed with spinach & onions

Deep-fried filo dough stuffed with cheese & herbs

Deep fried filo dough rolls stuffed with seasoned beef & onions

Grilled pita bread filled with beef kafta

Arminian sausages sautéed with tomato, onion, & herbs

Selection of pickles

Ground beef stuffed with crushed walnuts, seasoned beef & onions

Ground garbanzo beans with crushed wheat, parsley and spices

Deep fried chicken tenders served with special garlic sauce or ranch

Lebanese sausages with a lemon drizzle

A Cypriot squeaky grilled cheese

Fresh selection of tomatoes, olives, and fresh mint leaves

Soups & Salads

Add: chicken $4, beef $6, shrimp $6


Falafel salad

It’s our little invention

Homemade pureed lentils & spices

Chicken slices with rice & vegetables in a hearty tomato broth

Fava beans in olive oil, lemon juice, & garlic

Fried pita topped with garbanzo & garlic yogurt

Parsley & tomatoes with mint, onions and burgul (crushed wheat)

Veggie selection with romaine hearts, sumac dressing & pita chips

Chopped falafel with parsley, tomatoes, turnips, & house dressing

Veggie selection with romaine hearts, onions, olives, & feta cheese

Classic romaine hearts, caesar dressing, croutons, & parmesan

Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers & parsley with lemon and olive oil

Pita Wraps

All wraps are served with french fries & salad

Chicken or Beef Shawarma

Wrapped in pita bread

Chicken slides with fries, pickles, & garlic sauce

Chicken cubes with hummus, pickles, & garlic sauce

Sliced beef with tomatoes, onions, parsley, turnips & tahini sauce

Beef cubes with parsley, hummus, onions, & turnips

Ground chicken kafta with hummus, pickles, & garlic sauce

Falafel balls with tomatoes, parsley, turnips, and tahini sauce

Ground beef kafta with parsley, hummus, onions, & turnips


All entrees served with rice, hummus & salad. Sub with fries +$3


Kabab & Shawarma

With wide selction of Lebanese mezza  & Tapas

Mix grill, rice, salad, & a choice of 2 sides

Chunks of beef filet mignon

Marinated beef slices

Ground beef with onions, parsley, & spices

Grilled shrimp in house special marination

Marinated chicken breast chuncks

Marinated chicken slices

Ground chicken, marinated with garlic, parsley & spices

Deep fried falafel balls

Hummus, moutabal, grape leaves, falafel, & spinach pie

Chicken kabab served with fries and coleslow

Marinated salmon, served with rice, hummus, and salad


Choose 2 sides (fries, salad, rice, dip)



Our specialty fish plate is a must have

Marinated wild-caught Mediterranean sea bass

Pan-fried frog legs with specialty sauce

Baby sprint lamb chops marinated in our house sauce

Deep-fried marinated and breaded small fish with tahini sauce

Juicy, beely flavor

Burger & Panini

All items are served with fries & salad


Pi Burger

Our best selling item, made the Lebanese way

Kafta patty, cheese, and coleslaw served with fries & ketchup

Roosted chicken with garlic sauce, fries & pickles

Armenian sausage topped with garlic, pickles, fries & tomato

Lebanese sausage topped with garlic, fries, pickles & tomato

Manakish & Flat Bread

Oven baked dough


Zaatar pi

Goes great with a cup of tea

Oven-baked dough with thyme & sesame served with veggies

Oven-baked dough with a blend of cheeses & garlic

Tomato, mushroom, Mediterranean olive & cheese

Ham, mushroom, Mediterranean olive & cheese

Chicken shawarma, onion, garlic & cheese


Baklawa is a layered phyllo dough filled with crushed pistachios, rosewater, and sugary syrup. While in Lebanon people enjoy baklava with Turkish coffee.



One of the best selling desserts

Lebanese milk pudding with semolina cream, fragranced with rose water syrup

Try all three

Rich and sweet pastry made with layers of filo dough, filled with chopped peanuts, & sweetened with sugar syrup

Ashta cream-filled fillo nest with pistachios & crispy vermicelli, sweetened with sugar syrup


We have inhouse delivery. Call us ahead of time to make sure we deliver on time.

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